• Autocomplete

    Autocomplete is the most fundamental tool in building a better search. Critical to a web shop’s success, Autocomplete simplifies the path-to-purchase by recommending popular and relevant suggestions to customers even before the first keystroke. Prefixbox’s autocomplete updates daily to rank keywords and products based on popularity, ensuring your customers find exactly what they’re searching for.
  • Product Data API

    Product Data API
  • Related searches

    By placing keyword suggestions around search results, customers are able to disambiguate their initial query by honing in on specific products. Related Searches also recommends complementary products to users. If someone buys shoes, Related Searches will recommend shoe cleaner or socks in the recommended keyword box - an easy way to increase average order value. These recommendations are automatically mined based on previous user behaviour on your site.
  • Search

    Faceted Search Engine powered by Artificial Intelligence, it gets even better over time.